1748  First recorded U.S. commercial coal production.
1750  Dr. Thomas Walker is the first recorded person to discover and use Kentucky coal.
1820  1st commercial mine in Kentucky produces 328 tons of coal in Muhlenberg County.
1830  Statewide coal production of 2,000 tons recorded.
1843  Statewide coal production of 100,000 tons recorded.
1860  Pre-Civil War production record of 285,760 tons.
1870  Post-Civil War production declines to 150,760 tons.
1877  First coal mined with steam powered shovel.
1879  Statewide coal production reaches 1,000,000 tons.
1880  First Mine Ventilation Law.
1890  United Mine Workers of America organized.
1900  Child Labor Law enacted.
1914  WW I pushes production to 20,300,000 tons, permissable explosives developed.
1932  Walking draglines developed for surface mining.
1942  Continuous underground coal mining methods developed.
1956  Roof bolting introduced in underground coal mines.
1960  First long-wall mining with powered roof supports.
1969  Federal Coal Mine Health & Safety Act.
1972  Kentucky becomes the leading coal producing state in the U.S.
1988  Wyoming displaces Kentucky as the leading coal producing state.
1990  Kentucky produces 179.4 million tons, U.S. production exceeds 1 billion tons.
Kentucky Coal Timeline